Careers as a woman in the IT industry: an expert gives their insight

Principal Software Engineer Anya Rudolph reveals her very personal career path.

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Merkle: What did your career start as a Software Developer look like?

Anya: After a lateral entry into the IT industry, I first gained experience as a developer at various agencies and start-ups. In 2016, I joined the digital agency Merkle, which was then still known as Namics.

Merkle: How is Merkle different from your previous employers?

Anya: My time at the start-ups was instructive, but also exhausting. Merkle, on the other hand, combines collaboration, structured work and work-life balance with interesting technologies and projects. In addition, empathy is a top priority here. I really liked the atmosphere and the can-do attitude right away. 

Merkle: What further steps were particularly important for your path to becoming a Principal Software Engineer?

Anya: Merkle has made it possible for me to contribute my diverse experience in a variety of areas. At first, for example, I worked in the frontend, but then I switched to mobile. I saw great potential with our customer work and really wanted to be involved in the project.

I was then able to introduce our "Merkle" approach to project management and software development to a team on the customer side during another project. That was already a great experience. From 2019, I then gradually moved to backenddevelopment. I currently lead the project team for the maintenance and further development of the Messe Frankfurt website.

Merkle: What was the most significant experience you had at Merkle?

Anya: Over the years, one of the most valuable experiences has been supporting and coaching young female colleagues in the male-dominated IT industry. I have always felt supported by our ethical principles, comradery, and corporate culture.

Merkle: What would you like to see in the future of women in the IT industry?

Anya: I believe that we should name and break down the cultural and systematic exclusion mechanisms that make STEM professions less attractive to young women. And we all should - not just women. For me, a dream would come true if people soon stopped automatically thinking of software and IT as "male domains." More diversity would move us forward as an industry! At Merkle, we focus on this.

Anya Rudolph, Principal Software Engineer at Merkle
Anya Rudolph, Principal Software Engineer at Merkle

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