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Salesforce Trailblazer in action for society

With the Executive Trailblazer Club, Salesforce and Merkle foster sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." This much-quoted phrase comes from antiquity, but even in today's digitized world, many accomplishments are only possible by working together.

This is exactly why Salesforce and Merkle founded the Executive Trailblazer Club Switzerland - a community of companies, their customers and partners, as well as NGOs.

Our mission is social commitment:

  • The Salesforce Trailblazer Club aims to strengthen inclusion and diversity.
  • We want to promote sustainability in all its dimensions.
  • Talent and innovation development are also on our agenda.

Salesforce and Merkle use crowdfunding to support NGOs in the areas mentioned. Swiss companies are also strengthened by mentors from the network.

With the Executive Trailblazer Community, Salesforce and Merkle want to show what it actually means to be a trailblazer: to tread new paths and support others on the way to the goal.


Become part of the network and strengthen the community with us.

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Roberto Galdo, Head of Salesforce at Merkle DACH