Successful digitalization of B2B companies

Lead Management, Portals, E-Commerce - What are success factors for digitalization in the B2B business?

When you look at the state of digitalization in the B2B environment, you quickly realize that few can claim to be optimally positioned for it. 

Many companies struggle with grown infrastructures - outdated, heterogeneous and fragmented. Often lots of different components don't fit together, neigther analog nor digital. Especially when it comes to offering the best for digital customer relations, this is the top priority. Topics such as commerce, CRM and data are not purely IT topics. They are business-critical topics that must be resolved with the highest priority in order to survive in the digital world. Data silos must be broken down and responsibilities for customer-oriented systems must be clearly defined.

Internal processes must be optimized to shape the previously analog customer promise as a digital customer experience.

Some customers still work with physical catalogs and sales teams. That the stationary sales channel has left its best days behind must be clear to everyone, at the latest after the Corona crisis. If you want to secure your business in the long term, you have to get your digital set-up right. How to do that? We will show you!

Do you offer the best customer service? Then also think digital!

If you want to offer your customers the best service digitally, you need an excellent customer journey. The following must be taken into account: Your website, your portals and your shop or e-commerce landscape. How do you operate a channel penetrating and comprehensive lead management? How do you create convincing offers for your configurable products? In short: your entire sales channel.

B2B Prozesse
B2B process at a glance.

From the customer perspective to processes and technology: We are your partner and will work with you to find the right digital approaches - always taking into account the needs of your customers and digital added value. 

From the first customer interview to the functioning prototype: We accompany you in developing a digitalization roadmap and bringing it to life. 

We focus on the following trends that move the B2B business digitally:

Digitale Trends B2B
Digital trends in B2B.

You are facing complete chaos and don't know where to start? With us! We develop your digital strategy together with you.

Online shop.

You want to realize an online shop quickly? With our proven standards and best practice approaches, you can do this within a short time - based on the technology you require.

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B2B Commerce Check-Up.

Would you like to know how well positioned you already are? Our check-up will tell you! Even better: we also show you what you can still optimise.

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Software Evaluation.

No more old systems and fragmented technology? Then we will evaluate the technical basis with which you are prepared for the future.

Our success stories.

Would you like to learn more about how we help B2B companies achieve digital success?

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