Webinar "Realizing visions with prototyping"

Part 2 of our series: Digital Product & Service Design

Prototyping ist ein wichtiges Mittel zur Realisierung Ihrer Produktvisionen

Make ideas touchable

If you have visions, you should see a doctor. We at Namics take a different view and say: Whoever has visions should attend our prototyping webinar. Because here we show companies from all industries how ideas come to life - and thus facts for quick decisions. Both are the basis for creating exciting digital services and products in the tough competition for customers.

Recording of our webinar: Live prototyping and more (in German).

How can prototyping help to realize visions?

Our free webinar answered these and other questions. For example, how prototyping can be established as a way of thinking, which tools exist, when it helps and which experts are needed for it. Our highlight: Prototyping can realize visions even in a short time. This was demonstrated by our live prototyping during the webinar.
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Die Referenten unseres Webinars: Sven Weber und Michael Sandmaier
Our Experience Consultants Sven Weber and Michael Sandmaier