Pimp your sales funnel: How to turn leads into loyal customers

Pimp your sales funnel: How to turn leads into loyal customers

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Free webinar: sales management with CRM

Do you know what your customers really want? And how do you turn leads into loyal customers? We will show you in the second part of our free CRM webinar series. 

Our experts Janko Zehe, Senior Principal Consultant, and Dana Birkholz, Senior Consultant, will demonstrate how to optimize your sales funnel. With many practical insights. So that you can convince customers, optimise your conversion rate and increase sales.


Step by step from lead to customer

Take a closer look at your sales processes with our experts: 

  • Sales pipeline: Do you use the right distribution channels? We bring transparency into your processes.
  • Forecast: Do you manage your sales pipeline efficiently? We will explain how to start. 
  • Sales automation: Do you plan your sales force optimally? We show you how to use data efficiently. 
  • Team management: Do you know how tomorrow's sales teams will be structured? We ensure that you benefit from synergies. 
  • Funnel management: Do you know the purchasing process of your target group? We show you which sales processes really lead to your customers. 
  • Touchpoint orchestration: Do you reach your target group at the relevant touchpoints? We will demonstrate you how to inspire customers across all channels.

Recording Namics CRM Webinar.

Curious? Then pimp your sales management with us.

Die Referenten unseres Webinars: Dana Birkholz und Janko Zehe von Namics
Our speakers Dana and Janko are looking forward to your participation!