Webinar Lead generation with CRM

Part 1 of our CRM webinar series


"Finding prospects made easy - Lead generation with CRM"

Optimal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is crucial for a long-term customer relationship. Everybody knows that by now. But CRM is also indispensable for successful lead management.

How's that work?

Take a look over the shoulder of our CRM and communications experts Janko Zehe and Lisa Bührer in the first part of our CRM webinar series. They provide answers to the questions based on concrete customer cases:

  • How do you develop unknown advertising contacts to known interested parties?
  • How do you establish a target-oriented lead management based on this?
  • Which trip hazards can occur and how do you avoid them elegantly?

So that you take the first step on the way to the CRM Closed Loyalty Loop with ease!

Recording of Namics CRM Webinars (in German).

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CRM Webinar
Senior Consultant, Lisa Bührer and Senior Principal Consultant, Janko Zehe