Namics and Credit Suisse won at the German Brand Award

Victory in the category "Brand Communication - Storytelling & Content Marketing"

The innovative project Viva Kids World has been awarded

06 June 2019 – For 90 percent of Swiss parents, it is important that their children learn to deal with money at an early stage. But how do parents explain to their youngest family members how to handle money responsibly in an increasingly complex and digital financial world? Credit Suisse and Namics help to do this: with Viva Kids, the digital piggybank Digipigi and Viva Kids World, children learn to save money playfully. This also convinced the jury of the German Brand Award.


The Project: Financial knowledge for the whole family.


The challenge.

Credit Suisse is one of Switzerland's leading financial service providers. To expand its service portfolio, the major bank is launching Viva Kids, an innovative new banking product for the youngest. This also includes the content marketing platform "Viva Kids World" for parents and their children. But how can a bank with such a platform successfully position itself for the topic of "financial education"?


The solution.

With the Viva Kids World, a digital world of experience, Credit Suisse accompanies families in their financial education. For the concept, the learning and media behavior of children and the educational approach of parents were examined in detail by means of qualitative interviews and existing studies. Based on these results, Viva Kids World family platform was created.


With the Viva Kids Gang, children experience thrilling adventures on the subject of money and learn important financial basics playfully. In entertaining animated films, the four friends of the Viva Kids Gang experience exciting adventures. The platform also offers other interactive formats such as


  • hidden object games

  • infographics with sound

  • drag-and-drop games

  • quiz elements


So the little ones undertake an entertaining and instructive journey into the financial world and can playfully test what they have learned.


Parents receive valuable hints on how to teach children to handle money responsibly in their everyday life. Studies, interviews with experts and columns as well as professional articles give them important inspiration for financial education.


The associated Viva Kids magazine offers a cross-media extension of the platform.

Viva Kids
Viva Kids World: Success for kids and parents alike (credits: Namics)
The Award: German Brand Award 2019.
The German Brand Award has been presented by the German Design Council since 2016. Companies, agencies, service providers as well as non-commercial and governmental organisations worldwide can take part. In total, prizes are awarded in more than 60 categories. The award ceremony for the German Brand Award 2019 took place on the 6th of June in Berlin.
Stolze Preisträger
Proud prize winners: Lisa Bührer (Namics) and Kendra Ueberholz (Credit Suisse) are happy to have been awarded. (credits: Namics)

Do you have any questions about the award? I look forward to hearing from you.

Namics Head of Marketing Communication Melanie Schiller
Melanie Schiller, Head of Marketing Communications.