360°-Campaign by Eucerin Switzerland and Merkle

When skincare changes lives

Geneva, 15. February 2022 - The new campaign by Eucerin Switzerland and Merkle – a dentsu company, a data-driven full-service agency for customer experience management (CXM), reveals the stories of its protagonists and how the right skincare can change lives through emotional videos.

Pimples, blemishes, blackheads - around two thirds of all people suffer from at least mild acne even after puberty in their 20s. With its DermoPure line, Eucerin has therefore developed a care concept that ensures clear skin and makes a lasting difference to the lives of people with blemished skin.

At the center of the digital campaign by Eucerin Switzerland and Merkle are the three Ambassadors Patricia, Joya and Kevin. They have all had their own experiences with blemished skin - be it insecurity at work, hiding behind makeup, or avoiding social contacts. Thanks to regular use of DermoPure, they have been able to improve their skin appearance and gain new confidence as a result - their lives have truly changed. And it is precisely these emotional stories that are at the heart of the campaign:

The videos were displayed across the entire range of digital media, from YouTube to Facebook and Instagram. The marketing specialists also posted short versions of the videos and static versions. To reach the younger target group, specially produced TikTok videos were used as well. 

Michèle Stöcklin-Ferrier, Marketing Manager at Eucerin Switzerland, says: "Our DermoPure campaign is real - authentic young people from Switzerland speak out. We are happy to be able to tell and share their emotional stories together with Merkle to give other people courage and hope. With our products, we not only improve the appearance of skin, but change lives of people with blemished skin for the better - which is also the central message of our campaign."

The campaign went live on February 1 and will run for a total of four weeks on all digital channels. It is accompanied by a campaign in participating pharmacies and drugstores: Throughout February, customers will receive DermoPure products at a 10 percent discount. In addition, eye-catching exhibitions will highlight the products, and samples will be handed out in doctors' surgeries and at the point of sale. The 360-degree digital campaign is rounded off with a training campaign for pharmacy and drugstore staff, including training videos and newsletter marketing.

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