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Post-pandemic in Switzerland: The New Normal as an opportunity in e-commerce

We highlight how the rapid innovations in e-commerce can have an impact that goes beyond the pandemic.

March 2020: In Europe, this time marks the beginning of a pandemic that set many things in motion. The impossible suddenly became possible - in a very short time. Companies had to adapt quickly to new circumstances. What has remained: unconventional solutions and a great deal of innovation.

With little time to spare, it is now becoming apparent which innovations will also endure in the longer term - and how innovations can be successfully developed further in the "new normal". We have compiled the most important key facts for you in our new white paper.

Get insights into the following key challenges:

  • Direct-to-Consumer: How can a direct connection to consumers be created?

  • Technology: How can the temporary work-around become the new normality?

  •  Experience strategy: How can we create more proximity despite distance?

  • Advertising: How do we break down the boundaries between digital and analog?

  • Sustainability: How can we individualize transparent processes?  

Learn more about how the Swiss do their shopping and what this means for your business in this whitepaper.

Download the e-book now for free.

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