Merkle shows advantages of Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud: Start your digital transformation

We'll show you what marketers appreciate about the Marketing Cloud and how it can help you transform your digital business.

The world of marketing technology is evolving faster than ever. In order to keep up, you need to adopt products that will transform and accelerate your business. You need technological platforms that are more universal than ESP or CMS. This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes in.

Marketing Cloud, formerly known as ExactTarget, was developed from a software solution for email marketing. Today it is a leading platform for omnichannel marketing automation. With a wide range of tools that cover and connect different channels in the customer journey, it provides a 360° view of your customers, helping you capture their attention with the right message at the right time on the right channel.

This is the type of automation that resonates with many brands. How can you implement it and combine it with other technologies that are already in place?

Options you will appreciate

As consumer expectations for personalisation rise, so do their expectations for omnichannel options. Marketing Cloud works in a way that meets these requirements.

It allows brands to create a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint (simply put, this is a list of all points, situations, and moments in which a customer can come into contact (touch) with your company, brand, product or service… and therefore with you.) of the purchasing cycle, including email, telephone, advertising, website, direct mail, sales, trade and services. It is a platform that will make your business and marketing strategy shine.

How to transform your trade

Most brands strive for a complete omnichannel setup. However, they often attempt to do so through different platforms and separate channels, leading to inconsistent data without a unified customer experience. The attempt to unify the online and offline environment is a major challenge.

Marketing Cloud is therefore the only robust platform that handles all global and local marketing activities in one place. This will give you tremendous support in the transformation of your business, as you will have the opportunities and tools you need to fundamentally rethink and reshape your strategy.

Would you like to know the 7 key points for successful implementation, analytics and support? And what are the two paths you should take to assure you're getting return from your campaigns? 

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