CX Imperatives 2023
Customer Experience Imperatives 2023

Customer Experience Imperatives 2023

Scaling-Up: Designing Tomorrow’s Experiences Today

To meet the expectations of today’s consumers, you need to start asking the big questions. How do you want your customers to feel? How can you make their lives better? And how can you grow your interactions into relationships?

The 2023 Customer Experience Imperatives will help you navigate the current marketing landscape by looking at your whole organization, evaluating your existing technology and data assets, and changing how you think about commerce.

We’ll also explore how to combat headwinds like residual pandemic effects, economic uncertainty, and privacy regulations, which are all raising the stakes on decision-making and investments.

2023 CX Imperatives

Imperative 1: Future-proof your organization

CX Imperative 1

Bridge people and technology under a shared vision for customer experience. How can your CX tech stack and the people who build it work together cross-functionally?

Imperative 2: Reimagine your existing data and tech.

CX Imperative 2

Create consistent, personalized experiences by taking a closer look at your data strategy and resources. What is the most efficient way to achieve your vision? It doesn’t always require more procurement.

Imperative 3: Make every experience a path to commerce.

CX Imperative 3

CX transformation is a journey, and innovation needs to be a part of every step. What kinds of interactions can be reimagined as commerce transactions?

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