Webinar: Track your carbon footprint with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud helps your company meet the challenges of becoming more carbon neutral.

Teaser Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Webinar with Merkle
  • When

    • ? 06.12.2022
  • Time

    • ?14:00-15:00 (CET)

  • Language

    • ? English

  • ? Speaker

    • Laura Feleki

      Salesforce Industry Expert @Merkle 

Today, companies face major challenges when it comes to sustainability. If companies want to achieve carbon neutrality, they have to deal with changing regulations, technological progress and large amounts of data. Their own impact on the environment is determined by factors such as:

  • supply chains
  • production processes  
  • the regulation that producers are responsible for the entire life cycle of their products ("end of life" treatment of products)
  • business travel             
  • energy consumption of buildings and data centres.

However, getting an accurate overview of the environmental footprint is often not easy.


In our webinar "Insights into the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud", you will learn how the cloud service captures the carbon footprint of your company. Furthermore, we will show you how to optimally use the data thus obtained for climate protection measures. In this way, you create transparency and trust for your employees, suppliers and stakeholders. In addition, you save costs and valuable time with the Net Zero Cloud by recording and analysing data in an auditable manner.


In the webinar "Insights into Salesforce Net Zero Cloud" you will learn...

  • how Salesforce Net Zero Cloud can help you to better understand your company's carbon footprint.
  • how data-driven insights enable you to take targeted climate action
  • the benefits of data visualisation on a clear platform
  • how you can keep track of the process through accurate CO₂ accounting and carbon footprint reporting
  • how to empower employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to work on the same sustainability and business goals

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Our Expert

Laura Feleki, Salesforce Industry Expert at Merkle 

Laura Feliki

Laura Feleki is an energy and sustainability expert at Merkle. In addition to 18 years of professional experience in the energy sector, she has in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce product portfolio. Furthermore, she attended the Business Development course with focus on Net Zero at CISL (Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership) and has several years of professional experience in project management of innovative initiatives.

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Merkle is Salesforce Partner of the Year 21/22