The dinosaurs escape

Hackathon 2021: discover how Team 2 won first prize with their dinosaur breakout scenario

Disaster. Survival. Adventure.

When facing a dinosaur breakout close by, all you can do is run – or use our app on your phone! Obviously…

Find shelter.jpg

When being tasked with developing a digital solution that would help rescue the visitors of Jurassic Park in case of a dinosaur breakout, there seemed to be one obvious solution: using location-based technology to help visitors find safety. And so we did: with the help of a beacon and a Node JS server, we developed a solution that can locate each dinosaur and find the quickest route to the closest rescue shelter for visitors. But this was a little too “inside the box” for us. So, we put our moral standards aside and came up with additional features that could be helpful in such a doomed situation.

What are my chances?

Expected Survival Rate.jpg

Using a real-time data model and predictive analytics, we created a feature that calculates your chances of survival based on the type of dinosaur, its distance from your location and the time since its last feeding. Finally, some maths that you’re really interested in!

Ok, bye!


Why not use the knowledge about the dinosaur’s location to make the most out of your upcoming demise? After all, we would all love to have our financials sorted before we leave this earth…

That is why we created a feature that automatically triggers a blockchain-based smart contract for life insurance in case a dinosaur comes within a 50 meter distance from your location. A decease without regrets - lovely!

Why so sad?

Dinosaur alert.jpg

Who said that a dinosaur attack needs to be all about disaster and fear? Some might want to have some fun too! Since the chances for social media fame never were higher, we came up with “Adventure Mode”. Our in-app feature provides you with some great filters and sharing options for your once-in-a-lifetime dinosaur-selfie. Likes, likes, likes!

Let’s be honest: we probably didn’t build the most advanced technical solution during the hackathon. But we made a movie (unfortunately we’re unable to share it online due to copyright). With Hollywood scenes. And some orchestra music. And a nice voice-over. Because we’re not just a tech, but also a marketing agency. And because we choose how we play.