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Application Management Services for a reliable, secure and stable website operation

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  1. 01Maintenance, operation and further development of your applicationsOur range of services for your success
  2. 02HostingSecure, reliable and demand-driven operation of applications
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Stable, secure and modern applications

The operation and continual further development of web applications that are essential for business is a great strain on resources.

Assign the operation of your website and application management to us – so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Merkle offers you support throughout the life cycle of your business applications and operations – as an all-in service or with a selection of maintenance and support services. A personal and experienced service manager will support you within your company.

When collaborating with you, we attach great importance to transparency, plausibility and sustainability.

From hosting to operation and the further development of applications – we are your partner for the entire lifecycle

Application Management – your application is in good hands

We will ensure the best possible availability of your application. To do this, Merkle will permanently monitor it and subject it to ongoing performance checks. We will proactively prevent potential faults using automated alarm processes and by providing continuous maintenance work. Flexibility is our be-all and end-all. Merkle will continually adapt your application to your needs and those of your customers. To this end, we will record technical changes such as change and release management in the form of controlled documentation. We will carry out deployments quickly and reliably using technical automation. Robust, safe and reliable operation of your applications ‒ this is what our Application Management stands for.
Maximale Verfügbarkeit für Ihre Applikationen

Always on the case with your application

We will ensure the smooth operation of your applications and solve any problems efficiently. Through our ongoing security checks, we can detect IT security gaps early on. In the event of a disruption, our experts will analyse the cause. This ensures rapid troubleshooting and the speedy availability of your applications again. In our service, we focus on flexibility: you choose what solution is right for you from a modular set. Our specialists are available for you at any time via our Service Desk and Hotline ‒ 24/7/365. In collaboration with you, we will set up individual Service Level Agreements (SLA). Merkle fulfils the highest requirements for the operation of business-critical applications.
Zukunftssichere Anwendungen mit Namics.

Future-proof applications

Changing customer needs and market developments in the digital transformation process require fast responses. Keep your applications up-to-date with us. Even if markets and technologies change, we will ensure the stability and security of your applications. Merkle guarantees an all-in, one-stop service. From the initial concept to the technical implementation and delivery down to the new version of your application. With our help, you will be able to recognise tomorrow's technical and professional requirements today. This way, we will ensure that your investment pays off in the long term and that you continue to have happy customers in the future.

Hosting of applications

From infrastructure services and data security to fast scaling through flexible up- and down-sizing: the requirementsfor hosting applications are diverse. And the possibilities are just as diverse: from public and private cloud services to dedicated solutions.

We work together with different providers and will find the right partner even for the highest requirements and complex scenarios. Of course, we will of course also operate your online applications on your own infrastructure. Our focus is to provide a personal service that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Professional service package created by experts

Our range of Application Lifecycle Services has a modular structure, so we can configure just the right package for you, starting with the development of the service design. This way, we can seamlessly integrate our services into an overall concept for the lifecycle of the application.

You will have cost advantages and make savings through economies of scale of the standardised services and processes.

Types of service agreement:

  • Application as a Service (total responsibility for the availability and operation of the application)
  • Maintenance & Support (support in the operation and provision of maintenance and support processes according to our Service Level Agreements)

Our service power for your applications

Whether at 2 o’clock in the afternoon or at 2 o’clock in the morning – we are always there to support you with your applications.

  • a day

  • a week

  • a year


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