Data First: Siemens and Merkle win Digital Communication Award

Innovative data platform "Analytics Unlocked" receives award

Siemens und Namics freuen sich über den Digital Communication Award

Siemens and Merkle are celebrating

Data is the currency of the future - everyone agrees on this. But only very few companies succeed in using data correctly. Siemens, on the other hand, has been able to make its contribution to a particularly innovative data approach by winning the Digital Communication Award in Berlin in the category "Data-driven communication (incl. artificial intelligence)".

 "Analytics unlocked" is a self-service platform that supports campaign managers at Siemens in controlling and optimizing their campaigns so that they can optimally use and plan their budget. Sounds simple at first. Until then, however, some obstacles have to be overcome.

The challenges of a campaign manager today?

To evaluate a campaign, a wide variety of data from different tools and teams must be requested and collected. This alone takes a lot of time; the important analysis of the data has not yet taken place. 

In addition, the Siemens KPI system is not used equally by all regions and departments. This makes it difficult to compare campaigns and generate learnings. 

Fragmented data and incomparable KPIs lead to a flood of information from which it is difficult to gain insights. 

Simple and smart: Merkle supports with concept, design and technology

The solution now delivers "Analytics unlocked". The platform consolidates different data sources, makes them accessible to all and automatically calculates the so-called "Engagement Score". A clearly defined key figure that is easy to record and can be compared and improved throughout the company - and the platform also helps here, thanks to artificial intelligence.

 We were able to support Siemens with the functional and visual concept of the platform as well as the technical implementation: From the development of the algorithm, through data acquisition and evaluation of the data sources, to visualization and implementation. Together with our customer, we are very happy about this win and say: "Congratulations".

More information about the award and the list of winners.