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Merkle sponsors AUTOMA+ 2023

Join us to discover true patient-centricity and beyond!

Merkle Switzerland AG as part of Merkle DACH officially sponsors session 2 "The road to pharma digital transformation" at the healthcare congress #AUTOMAhealth2023 on 25 and 26 September in Zurich led by our Lead Consultant Experience Strategist, Christian Geis.

Experience groundbreaking views and discussions with participants Ipek Erendor, Omnichannel & Digital Manager at Sanofi, Hilary Baseley, Head of Commercial Excellence UKINOR at Grünenthal GmbH and Olga Drozdova, Supply Chain Business Intelligence Associate Director at Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG and a joint panel discussion around the future of healthcare.

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Christian Geis on understanding patient-centricity: 

A Recovery Experience

In today's healthcare landscape, the term "patient-centricity" has taken on a new dimension. Christian Geis explains why conventional approaches often fall short in achieving desired patient goals. He delves into the complex interplay of factors shaping a patient's path to recovery – from societal influences to individual experiences.

Discover how patient data drives significant investments in patient integration, generating study results, answers, and opportunities. Christian highlights the need to move beyond data and delve into the emotional aspects of patient recovery – emphasizing that suffering is not just a medical metric but a crucial element in a patient's journey.

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Empowerment through Collaboration

Christian Geis discusses how collaboration, self-determination, and innovative solutions can positively influence the recovery experience for all stakeholders involved. Empowering patients to own their data and stories fosters shared understanding and acceptance.

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Building a Seamless Path to Recovery

Learn about the vital role of healthcare providers in simplifying treatment regimens, establishing trust, and improving patient outcomes. By organizing treatments to create the best individual recovery path into daily life, patients can lead self-determined lives despite illness. The result? Trust is established between doctor and patient, leading to joint therapy and better patient outcomes.

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Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Community

Explore how companies can enhance effectiveness through efficiency, fostering trust and community involvement. This leads to an environment of effectiveness and efficiency benefiting all.

If you plan to attend Automa+: Join us there to explore these critical topics in healthcare firsthand! Our expert will be available for discussions, and Christian Geis' speech promises to be an event highlight.

Good to know: If you can't attend but still want to connect, simply click the button below. We look forward to engaging with you and continuing the conversation around patient-centricity and healthcare innovation.

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The Merkle dentsu Network comprises 2000+ healthcare experts worldwide, including pharmacists, doctors and patients. We understand their unique needs. Our mission is to help companies digitally transform individual customer experiences. By creating meaningful brand conversations leading to better health outcomes. We do this with the help of more than 30 years of experience in data, analytics and technology, and our global network of 2000+ healthcare experts. Together, we unleash a force that turns a little insight into outstanding customer experience. We dream. We do. We deliver.

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