Merkle is reseller for Salesforce licences

Designing Smart Customer Experiences with Salesforce Software

In times of digital change, you need more than just good products if you want to inspire consumers in the long term. With unique customer experiences, you can ensure that your customer relationships run smoothly in the long term.

To do this, you need not only the appropriate expertise, but also the right technology. The software provider Salesforce offers a comprehensive portfolio for all phases of the customer journey.

    Merkle Austria has been an authorized sales partner for Salesforce licenses since March 2022.

    Why is Merkle the right partner for Salesforce projects?

    • Merkle is one of the leading Salesforce partner agencies worldwide, with around 700 Salesforce experts in-house. You can leverage from the deep expertise of Merkle on Salesforce solutions.
    • Merkle is your unique point of contact for your Salesforce projects and can manage Salesforce license, the project’s implementation and run for you. Coordination and processes are simplified.
    • Merkle can offer you a personalized and attractive offer based on your specific needs.
    Igor Sopcak, Project-Owner, Head of Retail Customer Engagement Tribe RBI
    "We started implementing Salesforce less than a year ago and, thanks to the excellent cooperation, we were already able to communicate with our customers via selected channels in four network banks in just a few weeks. Merkle's experts fit perfectly into our agile team and add a lot of value to RBI and its network banks every day. The cooperation and the transfer of business know-how work on a very professional level."
    Igor sopcak
    Mathias Fanschek, Managing Director Austria at Merkle
    "We are very proud that Salesforce has placed its trust in us and made us a reseller. For our customers, Merkle Austria is now a one-stop shop. We provide expertise in planning, business case building, implementation, technology licensing, marketing technology operations and digital transformation to create the best possible customer experience and customer centricity."
    Mathias Fanschek, Managing Director AT at Merkle
    Robert Bruckbauer, Head of Sales Austria at Merkle
    „Our mission is to help leading companies leverage customer experience (CX) to grow their businesses. Through a CX strategy that focuses on data, measurability and loyalty, brands can deepen their customer relationships and immensely push their business success."
    Robert Bruckbauer, Head of Sales Merkle Austria

    Why is this approach relevant for companies?

    As a digital agency, Merkle can take a holistic approach, as all touchpoints, such as websites, social media, service centres, webshops, etc. can be offered and realised. Thus, everything from technical implementation to content creation is taken care of by us. In this way, we see ourselves as a full-service provider for all aspects of customer experience.

    Merkle pursues an approach that goes far beyond this classic CRM way of thinking - this considers the complete customer journey across all touchpoints and is optimally supported by the Salesforce platform.

    In doing so, we focus primarily on the following three success factors: 

    • Proper use of customer data 
    • Appropriate metrics 
    • Emotional customer retention 

    Are you interested in a customised Salesforce solution? We will be happy to consult you.

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    Three success factors for your digital marketing:

    Data privacy awareness

    Merkle employee sits in front of computer and many data are shown

    Consumers expect a personal relationship with brands. This is based on trust and shared values. It is therefore particularly important that companies understand the needs of their customers.

    However, this also includes the increasing awareness of personal data and its use. Future-oriented marketing realizes this - and accomplishes the balancing act between privacy and target group analysis. Companies should therefore collect relevant information with focused core questions instead of gathering data indiscriminately.

    How to measure the right way

    Merkle employee analyzing data

    It is similar to collecting customer data when it comes to measuring key performance indicators. Not all KPIs have an impact on your company's success. Therefore, define long-term achievable business goals and derive meaningful interim steps. In this way, you will find metrics that actually influence your success

    Emotion as an attraction

    Two Merkle colleagues are having fun at work

    For a long time, bonus points and reward programs were the gold standard in customer loyalty - even in digital form. But today's consumerswant more than just the convenience.

    They want an authentic insight into the company and its values. This should be creative, exciting and entertaining - and thus appeal to the emotions of the users. 


    With these three success factors and Salesforce, you can create a compelling customer experience.

    Would you like to learn more about Merkle's service offering for Salesforce projects? We will be happy to assist you.

    Robert Bruckbauer, Head of Sales Merkle Austria
    Robert Bruckbauer, Head of Sales Merkle Austria, +43 664 54 700 62