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Our way to the right system

CRM and marketing automation are more than just buzzwords: with the right technology, you can meet the individual needs of your customers and partners. However, it is not easy to choose the right one from the many options on the market, especially without technical background knowledge. This is where the Namics experts come in: They analyze your situation from different perspectives. This is how we determine the system that brings you closer to your goals. Of course, we also take into account the factors cost, time and scalability.

Three perspectives. One technology.

The customer perspective.

We want to understand your customers' journey. Therefore, our experts collect the opinions of external stakeholders in qualitative and quantitative surveys. Your customers identify and prioritise touchpoints and communication channels. We compare the results with your company's existing data to obtain a 360° perspective of your target group.
CRM: Illustration zur Business-Perspektive

The business perspective.

From a business perspective, your business model, the underlying sales form and the specific strengths and challenges of the company count. We find the relevant KPIs and collect the corresponding data. We also determine the influence of customer journeys on your processes and organizational structures. We determine high-level requirements for the various marketing disciplines of your company and define use cases.
CRM: Illustration zur Technologie-Perspektive

The technology perspective.

From a technological point of view, we need a clear picture of your company-wide IT strategy. Based on this, we define criteria for selecting the right system. Data requirements are just as relevant to us as security and legal aspects. Namics then evaluates how various solutions can be integrated into the existing system landscape. Depending on whether an "all-in-one platform" or a "best-of-breed strategy" is better suited to your situation, we analyze the respective platform market.

Our offer: Complete package or components

From our overall evaluation, you choose the components that meet your needs:

  • Details about your target group, their touchpoints and customer journey

  • Definition of use cases

  • Choosing the right system

Our advantages for you:

  • Namics operates in the digital business since 1995.

  • We employ experts from a wide range of disciplines who combine the perspectives of customers, technology and business.

  • Namics acts independently of technology providers.

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