From Unknown to Known: How to boost customers’ loyalty

Set an example with us with our commitment to environmental and social sustainability

WTE LAusanne 23

Great to have you with us today at our exclusive event on How to boost customers’ loyalty, in Munich! Join us on the road to a sustainable future. Even though many a promotional product certainly makes you happy, today we are giving you something that contributes to a happier and better future for all.

Donations - the sustainable alternative to merchandising

We think that there is already enough advertising material in the world. That's why Merkle has decided to do away with conventional merchandising at its events.

Instead, we now offer you the opportunity to donate certain amounts to selected charitable organisations at our events. At our expense, of course.

Before each event, we carefully select three non-profit organisations that fit perfectly with our global social impact strategy. The organisations each pay towards one of our three main strategic goals anchored in it: 


  • Sustainable World: We are accelerating the transition to a low-carbon and more sustainable future. Our goal is to inspire and empower others to join this movement. 
  • Fair and open society: We ensure that our employees and the people around us are treated fairly. Equal opportunities for all. 
  • Digital for good: We fully exploit the positive potential of communication. We promote trust and transparency and thus improve the quality of life for all. 

Now select the organisation you would like to support. 

Sustainable World

Their mission: Protect Earth's vast forests, battle climate change, restore rivers/wetlands, diversify habitats, save species, sustain all life, inc. humans

Fair and open society

They support disadvantaged children and adolescents. To contribute to a Fairer & Open Society, they bear social responsibilities, and financialy supports for health-promoting measures, sponsorships and personal contact with the children and their families

Digital for good

They offer free digital education to migrants and marginalized locals, providing quality coding and computer courses. This includes mentorship and collaboration with tech leaders for IT career opportunities

Donations instead of merchandising? We are in!

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