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Media/Channel Optimization

Merkle Analytics has solutions that help our clients optimize each of their marketing media and channels from their owned websites to Facebook Custom Audiences to Addressable TV. Our solutions drive higher ROI because they help clients to better understand the drivers behind performance, to eliminate wasted marketing spend, and to capitalize on opportunities for more targeted and relevant communications.

Media and channel optimization from Merkle Analytics

Our solutions are designed to tackle specific businesses challenges that our clients encounter within and across channels. Merkle has digital analytics experts for each media and channel to ensure that our analyses and recommendations have the maximum impact. Below are examples of some of the business challenges our solutions address.

Paid and Organic Search

  • What is the relationship between paid and organic search? Is my branded search driving incremental value? (Search cannibalization study)
  • What is the potential to reach my target audience within paid search? (PPC market demand assessment)
  • How is other media driving paid search demand?  (Search mix analysis)

Website/ Mobile Applications

  • How do I create more trust in my web analytics data? (Web analytics tool tune-up)
  • How can I drive higher conversion rates for key site activity? (Site testing and personalization, audience segmentation)
  • How can I improve visitor engagement or satisfaction? (Content and navigation analysis)

Online Paid Media (Display, Video, Native, etc)

  • Where can I drive higher performance from my existing media plan? (Digital media efficiency analysis)
  • How do I know what incremental impact I’m driving online and offline from digital campaigns? (Digital media testing)
  • How do I know if investing in advanced digital attribution will generate an ROI? (Attribution sensitivity analysis)
  • How do I get smarter in how I source 1st and 3rd party data to drive digital media performance? (Digital content lab)


  • How do I figure out the ROI on my social spend across earned and paid media? (Social measurement strategy and attribution)
  • Who are most influential fans or customers? How do I leverage them to drive more sales? (Social influence score and strategy)
  • How do I connect my social fans and influencers to my broader marketing database and CRM programs? (Social data capture and integration strategy)


  • Who are my most valuable email subscribers? How do I get more of them? (Subscriber valuation and source analysis)
  • How do I drive higher engagement and sales through each email touch point? (Email personalization engine)
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