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cCRM :: Experience Delivery

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Experience Delivery at a Glance

An integrated targeting and customization competency supports media and channel planning for personalized experience delivery.

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The second component of cCRM is about the way brands engage customers and customers engage brands. Within the experience delivery function, actionable consumer profiles are applied to perform targeting at the most granular available level, based on segment and individual-level characteristics: product preference, channel preference, propensity to respond, contact cadence analysis, and behavioral triggers. Successful experience delivery employs meaningful creative and effective cross-media and channel decisioning to optimize the many online and offline, inbound and outbound touchpoints. From this comes the development of the capabilities required to manage those connections in an increasingly competitive environment.

The results of effective customer experience delivery are widespread and cumulative. Insight-driven targeting and rapid integration of learnings into ongoing and subsequent campaigns lead to higher response rates. Branded experiences that are differentiated, yet consistent, result in improved lead generation, acquisition, cross sell and retention rates. Minimizing the investment in lower-value customers leads to improvements in both cost and profitability. Moreover, relevant customer experiences build engagement, loyalty and advocacy.

In Depth

CMO & EVP Craig Dempster and VP Experience Architect Kevin Walsh put experience delivery into perspective.

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Experience Delivery at Work

Session summary from the 2013 CRM Executive Summit

Presented by: Pete Constant, Head of 1-1 Marketing, RBS Citizens & Joe Meehan, VP, Display Media Group, Merkle®

Marketers aspire to deliver a seamless and effective customer experience in their acquisition efforts. This aspiration can become especially challenging when faced with managing across online and offline interactions. RBS Citizens partnered with Merkle to use data, analytics, and technology to design and deploy an effective multi-channel targeting solution aimed at acquiring primary bank relationships. To accomplish this, Merkle and RBS Citizens evaluated two distinct channels:

  • Direct mail: This offers precision, but the cost effective responding population is limited in that channel.
  • Digital: This offers efficient reach, but it can be difficult to isolate quality customers, due to the anonymous user state.

Extensive research was conducted to assess customers’ behaviors and preferences. It was determined that people prefer a mix of channels to learn about new products and that 75% of customers prefer interacting in person at a branch to open an account. It was also noted that research is primarily done on the bank’s website or onsite at the branch.

So, RBS Citizens developed an integrated marketing program engaging online audiences with a rich offer and flexible conversion options, while honing in on quality customers. The campaign was designed in three phases: 1) target online media using offline and online data; 2) effectively manage user experiences at each stage with personalized messaging; and 3) connect online interactions to offline conversions, enabling true direct attribution.

The methodology generated powerful performance results such as:

  • Prioritization and growth of high value accounts by 50%
  • Scaled volume of account activity by 1,301%
  • Reduced cost per acquisition by 27% over the course of the campaign

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