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Early Careers

Follow your passion. Realise your potential. Apply now.



If you're passionate about digital marketing, intellectually-curious and have outstanding communication skills we could have a perfect opportunity for you. The good news is that our Early Careers team hire all year round! We are constantly on the lookout for top talent to join us at a junior level; our promise to you is to provide you with the training and development you will need to succeed in your chosen role and career.

To be considered for roles in Early Careers you will be one of the following: 

  • A school leaver with an apprenticeship
  • A recent graduate
  • A career changer

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Who We're Looking For:

Analytical A-Players

Analytical A-Players

Confident Communicators

Confident Communicators

Passionate People

Passionate People

Inquisitive Individuals

Inquisitive Individuals

Areas of Work

We're proud to be experts in our field. We've got an array of specialisms that we hire graduates into.

Digital Marketing and Customer Experience

Our expert marketers are able to place the perfect information in front of customers at the right time. How do we do this? Data!


PPC marketing (also called Pay-Per-Click or Paid Search) is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. So, how does it work? Well, PPC does exactly what it says on the tin; advertisers list their ads on search engine results pages and then pay the search engine every time a user clicks on the advert. The better you are at identifying the users you want to click through analysis, the more effective your campaign and the happier your client. Simple!
Paid Social marketing allows advertisers to place their ads on social networking sites (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat). As everyone shares so much information on social media, it allows advertisers to pinpoint engaging audiences and optimise campaigns through data analysis.
Programmatic Display is a branch of digital marketing that specialises in using intelligent technology platforms to efficently place ads online through a programmatic buying process. This engages hundreds of exchanges and publishers, and enables advertisers to strategically show their adverts to the right people at the right time. Advertisers can see campaign results in real-time which allows for data-driven optimisation and tangible results.
SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation' and is the practice of organically getting webpages to rank highly on search engines and improving websites to increase the number of visitors the site recieves. SEO involves researching consumer behaviours to find the keywords users are searching and optimising websites to serve the customer with the information they're looking for.
Our CX and Creative employees focus on web user journeys and visual design. These teams are just as data-focused as the rest of the business; we're able to test and optimise the solutions we're providing our clients.


Digital Analytics and Data Science

Our analytics gurus are highly skilled in gathering valuable data insights and implementing solutions for our clients across an array of industries.


Solutions teams build and implement tracking solutions to assist clients in gathering the required information from their website activity. Building these website trackers and solutions does require these teams to have particularly technical individuals with coding ability (HTML, JavaScript)
Insights teams analyse large data sets given to us by clients to gather useful and actionable intel. To do this, these teams use a variety of statistical techniques and tools. Experience using Python or R is welcomed, but not essential.


Marketing Solutions

Our solution specialists are key players in ensuring that we're using client data to deliver the best-performing messages and content using logic and algorythms.


Marketing Technologies teams specialise in how to use technical marketing software to deliver personalised messages to our clients’ customers at the right time, in the right location.
Our consultants and strategists help our clients to design the setup of their marketing function. They can advise on best practice and the latest tools and techniques to improve efficiency.
Data Engineering the most technical division within Marketing Solutions. We have highly skilled Data and Software Engineers who can build complex models and databases that help our clients make sense of all their customer data.

Work Perks

As a fast-growing company we can offer plenty of opportunity to develop your skill set and you’ll be encouraged to be curious and share new ideas. We have designed fantastic structured training programmes, learning platforms, in-house training courses and external speaker events to ensure that you grow and develop your career. You'll be constantly encouraged to develop new skills and continue learning as our industry evolves.

And whilst you are learning and growing you will be part of a fun and sociable office. We provide breakfast for our employees so you start your day right and there is a constant supply of fruit (and biscuits) thoughout the day - and usually birthday cake! The fun doesn't stop when the work day's over. We have lots of social events throughout the year: painting classes, treasure hunts, cocktail evenings and parties, ping-pong, musical bingo, city tours, Bake Off and mini-golf. And of course we offer a really comprehensive benefits platform including Health Insurance, Season Ticket Loans, Company Pension to name a few.


As well as being the best in the business, our employees are always up for a good time and will really go the extra mile to make you feel welcome and included.

We're committed to ensuring that you're trained and supported whilst working on exciting and challenging projects. Our employees are driven, enthusiastic and intellectually curious, so we know that our employees expect big things from us, as we do them! We've created a collaborative and open culture across our offices in the EMEA region. There's always someone interesting to make your brekkie next to in the morning and new colleagues to meet at our endless company social outings. We really want Merklers to enjoy coming into work, so put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that we have a happy and approachable environment.

Take a sneak peek below to see what it's like to be a part of something special.

Our culture

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What's Work Without Fun?


Merkle by Merkle






“The best thing about working at Merkle is the people.You would struggle to find a more intelligent, enthusiastic and supportive group of people anywhere in the industry.”
Laura Collins

Laura Collins

“Merkle's a fun place to be! There are loads of opportunities to meet and socialise with colleagues. We always welcome the weekend in at 4:Thirsty drinks on Friday afternoons!”
Richard Wan

Richard Wan

Decisioning Consultant

“What really stands out for me is the breadth and detail of Merkle’s training for new joiners. You start learning immediately and are given responsibility from the beginning, which is really exciting.”
Eshani Bhatt

Eshani Bhatt

“Working at Merkle is great because of the structured training we are able to give. The industry is constantly evolving so there's always something new to learn. The atmosphere is friendly and we encourage everyone to share new ideas.”
Angela Echarri

Angela Echarri

“There's a great enviornment which encourages forward-thinking and collaboration. It's a great company to build and develop a career in digital.”
Andrew Ankrah

Andrew Ankrah




No previous experience is required. Our training programme is second to none!

No! We hire both graduates and non graduates. For graduates we look at all degree disciplines - English, Maths, Science, Language, Zoology. We're far more interested in the skills you've developed and the research you've done into our industry! It doesn't matter if your knowledge is all theoretical: we don't expect you to be a pro, but we absolutely must see that you've done your homework and have the basic concepts nailed. We've got training structures in place to teach you everything else you need to know.

Great question! We actually hire all year round! Our hiring correlates to what we're working on for our clients. The job specs state clearly if there is a stalled start (ie. not immediate).
Great! We would love to receive your application. We have hired many people who made a mistake with their chosen career and are looking for a second chance. All you need to do is you research and demonstrate your passion for our business and industry.
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Our entry level roles are open to anyone passionate about building a career in digital marketing!

If your at university and are in your final year, you're welcome to apply for our summer graduate positions (we'll happily hold your place whilst you finish your studies.) Our jobs are filled on a 'first-come' basis, so it's best to do your research and apply at your earliest convenience.

If you recently graduated or completed university a few years ago and are now looking at careers in digital, we'd be delighted if you applied! We've hired individuals who have previously worked as teachers, data analysts, auditors, PAs (to name a few!). Equally, if you've worked in a broad digital role before, we'll happily train you up in a specific field so you're a specialist expert in no time!

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