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Our Privacy Philosophy and Our Data Products

We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of all individuals with whom we interact. 

We believe:

  • the limited use of certain categories of personal information in advertising is beneficial to consumers
  • personal information should only be used to benefit consumers and to form relationships with advertisers for our clients
  • consumers should always know how their personal information is being used. Consumers should be provided with notice, choice and transparency about the use of their personal information and consumer preferences should be honoured.

We are responsible with the personal information that is within our control. We have put in place security measures designed to prevent unlawful or unauthorised use of personal information and secure against the accidental loss of or damage to that personal information.

Who is Merkle?

Merkle is a global marketing agency that helps advertisers and brands reach people and strengthen customer loyalty and engagement. As part of our services, Merkle may combine customer data that our clients already have with information from other sources.

This helps support marketing programs and allows our clients to communicate with the people most interested in their products and services

What does Merkle do with your personal information

This page provides a brief overview of our data products so that you can be further informed about this processing.

Client Marketing and Advertising Services

When we undertake Marketing and Advertising Services on behalf of our clients, your personal information may be processed by Merkle as instructed by those clients.

Merkle helps organizations to apply database marketing strategies to their marketing programs across mass, direct and digital media. Using a variety of quantitative, information-based solutions, Merkle works with clients to plan, design, execute and measure fully integrated customer relationship marketing (CRM) and digital media buying solutions that allow our clients to market products and services more effectively – for example reducing data-processing timeframes, increasing marketing efficiency, and applying database marketing strategies.

Our data products

When Merkle obtains data about you from third party providers, and where we have a lawful basis to do so, we may combine this into data products which we use to support our clients marketing activities. The Merkle data products we provide to clients may include third party consumer and business marketing data.

If you want to know more about the specific types of data we collect, please refer to the privacy notice of our US or UK data products.

Important information for consumersImportant

Are you located outside the UK / European Economic Area?

If the answer is yes, your rights are likely to be slightly different than what is outlined on this page. Head over to our global consumer information and transparency portal for more information.

Do you have a direct relationship with Merkle?

This Portal doesn’t cover the data we use to market our services to existing customers and potential customers, but we do have plenty of information about that if that’s what you’re looking for.