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Social Customer Service Saves the Day

Imagine returning home from a long day at work, sinking into your couch and preparing to stream your favorite show when an error message appears.

The situation is not quite as dramatic as the plot of the drama you were planning to watch, but what happens next determines how long this cliffhanger will last. Luckily, like in the show, help is on the way.

We love when our popular culture includes unlikely heroes that swoop in and save the day: superheroes, rogue detectives, unfortunate protagonists in the wrong place at the wrong time. For brands like a popular subscription TV streaming service company, these underappreciated and overlooked heroes often take the form of their customer service teams, quickly resolving issues, answering questions, and putting out fires wherever (and whenever) they arise. They are “The Problem Solvers.” Coming soon to a device near you.

The Ask:

Social media has changed the way these problem solvers operate. When trouble jumps out of the shadows in the form of technology difficulties or other issues, customers now have the power to voice their frustrations on social media — in addition to over the phone — and in turn expect an immediate response. Research shows that customers are using this new power, as the average number of social customer service messages requiring a response in the first quarter of 2016 increased 18 percent year over year. The brand knew this trend provided an opportunity to meet customers in their moment of need, and in the channel of their choosing, to enhance the overall customer experience and resolve cases faster.

Like all heroes, these customer service teams need the right tools to help them succeed. The company sought to give its teams an advantage by effectively strengthening its bat signal, cutting ties with its previous social management tool and leveraging the power of Salesforce for its customer service management needs. The brand needed a resolution that offered both robust features and transparency to ensure its customer service, social customer service, and social media marketing teams could all work together. To make all of this happen, Merkle worked with the company to develop a plan to solve this complex challenge.

The Answer:

The requests that the brand’s problem-solving heroes receive vary widely based on the issues being addressed. Often customers are not only asking for help, but also relaying praise and gratitude. With multiple teams handling a wide array of topics, a simple solution was not going to be enough. Merkle performed a sophisticated implementation of Salesforce’s Social Studio tool, ensuring the social teams could clearly identify and act on any issues that arose. The agency then rolled out Salesforce Service Cloud to the social customer service team.

When you have an active and high-volume customer service team, out-of-the-box solutions don’t cut it. That’s why Merkle also leveraged Salesforce’s Social Customer Service and Social Hub toolsets to provide a more robust plan of attack. The Social Customer Service tool provided visibility across teams as customer service representatives are able to manage cases through connected social networks. Meanwhile, Social Hub automated much of the process, creating cases automatically based on set conditions and actions and ensuring the message made it into the right hands every time. These tools, along with Service Cloud, gave the teams the ability to manage cases from a single platform.

The Result:

If performed correctly, there’s a high level of strategy involved with using customer service to not only generate satisfaction, but also drive a more fulfilling customer experience. The scalable and transparent platform implemented by Merkle provides the brand with a more developed, single view of the customer. The brand can now better target its audiences and not only solve the customer’s problem today, but also prevents future issues and strengthens the customer’s relationship with its brand. With Merkle and Salesforce’s social customer care platform, The Problem Solvers are reuniting users with their favorite shows faster than ever.