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Signify Goes Direct to Consumer with Data Transformation

An Adobe ecommerce user experience redesign delivers unified customer profiles, personalized marketing activation, and real-time analytics.


Philips Hue is the smart lighting division of Signify. Hue’s data landscape held a lot of data, but it needed to be connected, become readily accessible for activation, and used to coordinate campaigns across channels. Additionally, the commerce journey was being outsourced to an external partner.

Hue recognized that by owning the total customer experience, from awareness and research to purchase, onboarding, usage, and expansion, the team could leverage this data to deliver helpful and relevant personalization to improve the customer experience and lifetime value.

To support the brand’s new direct-to-consumer growth strategy, the team identified four goals to achieve:

  • Build in-house ecommerce capabilities and revamp the website UX
  • Create a single view of the consumer; migrating as much data as possible into one system using existing identifiers, then build future connections using additional cross-channel identifiers
  • Personalize journeys across channels, using behavioral data and/or first- party data
  • Support organizational change to ensure Signify can realize future value


The team chose Adobe Experience Platform to create Hue 3.0 and build out a full-stack Experience Personalization Engine. With over 200 people, across 12 countries, and during a national pandemic, Signify and Merkle deployed the Adobe platform across all of Hue’s markets in under five months.

Backend services were created to collect customer data into a single unified profile. This initiated organizational transformation to accelerate the platform’s value using blended agile marketing squads to hyper focus on the customer.

Each squad was given a phase in the customer’s journey and could now rapidly build and test campaigns, personalize journeys, customize landing pages, and automate trigger campaigns.

Deploying Adobe’s measurement capabilities gave Signify near real-time access to journey and campaign data. 



Improvement in page load time


Improvement in content performance


Increase in on-site conversions

Keys to success

  • Creating customer-obsessed agile marketing squads to leverage Adobe Experience Platform capabilities.
  • Transforming to a true direct-to-consumer retailer and gaining a unified perspective of the customer journey.
  • Building and testing new campaigns every two weeks, dropping cross-market deployment times from months to days.
  • Signify’s trust and confidence in the Merkle team, allowing for autonomy once high-level deliverables were set

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