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Potpourri Group: The perfect mix of real-time marketing delivers bottom-line results


The Potpourri Group (PGI) is one of the largest and most successful direct-to-consumer multi-brands in America consisting of 15 brands each with its own merchandise, print catalogs, web, and mobile sites. PGI sought to better track sales and omnichannel traffic. This included the number of site visits and time spent during each visit for each of its brands as well as manage each company’s print and digital databases; which each typically took a month or longer to update.


The team leveraged Merkle’s email campaign management capabilities. The initial task was to move Potpourri’s marketing database to Merkle’s Consumer Insight and Interaction Hub™ which helped the transactional database update weekly rather than monthly. This enabled the digital channel database to be updated in real time, which was an extremely important move for Potpourri. First, it enables Potpourri to now use the Consumer Insight and Interaction Hub™ to identify website visitors and leverage customer data, analytics, and insights to continuously optimize customers’ purchases. Second, it enables Potpourri to more effectively manage its email campaigns.

Potpourri harnessed the power of Merkury, Merkle’s proprietary identification technology, to make cross-device connections and ensure that Potpourri’s emails are delivered when recipients are actually reading their email—and only while doing so on desktops or laptops, not their mobile devices. “This increases the likelihood that our messages will be read,” says Bob Webb, Senior Vice President of Marketing, PGI, “and increases our sales as a result.”


Marketing can now focus solely on individuals who are most likely to buy


household names suppressed from mailing lists that would have other wise been targeted.  approximately 20 million names at 40 cents each.

Helped create easy Postal Regulatory Comission Reporting

Keys to success

  • Utilizing Merkury to make cross-device connections
  • Moving the marketing database to Consumer Insight and Interaction Hub
  • Identifying website visitors and leveraging customer data, analytics, and insights to continuously optimize each purchase

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