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Fortune 50 Mobile B2B Retailer Sets Key Performance Indicators for Website Simplification


The B2B marketing team knew what strong marketing campaigns on their website should look like, the goals they wanted to achieve with website visitors, and even had most of the data already available to optimize them. What they didn’t have was the time in their busy schedules to fully understand their own data and distill insights from it with ease on a regular basis.


With approval from the B2B marketing team, critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of website performance were selected by Merkle Analytics and given mathematical weighting per KPI based on business impact. These weighted KPIs were then visually represented in a simple graph, which allowed the client to quickly understand campaign performance and easily make optimization adjustments.



reduction in number of slides needed to show performance of marketing campaigns onsite. Similar reduction in executive time needed to comprehend performance.

Improved B2B marketing team understanding of performance due to reduced report complexity

New KPI format applied to five additional business focus areas across the website and is utilized in ongoing executive monthly reporting

Keys to success

  • In-depth knowledge of the client’s website performance and marketing campaigns which informed KPI selection based on historical patterns
  • Strong Client/Merkle partnership to vet KPIs, approach, and final deliverable design at each step of the development process
  • Client trust, which allowed the concept to receive approval, built through 3+ years of web analytics consulting work on the B2B business
  • Access to and feedback from the B2B client marketing team to confirm understanding and utility of the new approach

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