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Health and Wellness Retailer Uses Advanced Audience Segmentation to Catapult its Amazon Sales

This powerful brand took its already thriving Amazon performance and raised the bar. By expanding its customer base across all channels with advanced audience segmentation, the retailer saw incredible increases in new orders, display sales, and detail page views.


A large health and wellness retailer was enjoying strong sales and efficient performance on Amazon, however, this retailer wanted to move beyond simple efficiency goals and design a strategy that would specifically reach new-to-brand customers. On Amazon, they are defined as shoppers who have not purchased a product from a company in the past 12 months. Expanding its customer base was an important initiative for the client across all marketing channels, including Amazon.

After having recently taken over management of the Amazon display program, Merkle identified that campaigns lacked the reach, audiences, and bidding granularity to appropriately achieve that goal.


Merkle determined that advanced audience segmentation was the most effective way to grow new-to-brand sales because it reaches groups of people exhibiting specific attributes or behaviors. The team dug into Amazon’s data to see which untargeted audiences had the potential to drive strong sales-per-detail-page-view. Before layering audiences, the Merkle team made account structure optimizations to better support the new audience strategy. We created more granular, robust campaigns to cover the brand’s product offering and segmented ads that perform differently. The team also optimized bidding with BidAzon, pushing out updated bids at the ad- or keyword-level multiple times a day.



Increase in new-to-brand orders


Increase in overall Amazon display sales


Growth in detail page views

Keys to success

  • Scalability from Merkle’s automated tools enabled the brand to advertise more promoted products on display than they previously could
  • Sophisticated bidding tech where campaigns were segmented more granularly and effectively with BidAzon
  • Advanced audience implementation and determining a cohesive mix of contextual audience targeting, like lifestyle audiences and in-market audiences

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