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The Formula For Living Proof’s Commerce Experience

Quick Take:

Created in 2005 by an unlikely mix of editorial hairstylists and elite professors from MIT University, Living Proof is haircare that lives at the crossroads of innovation and real-world results. As a science-first brand, everything we do begins in our very own lab with the singular desire to deliver products that solve hair problems, never conceal.


When it comes to hair, consumers seek the best formulas for straight, curly, thick, or thin. Looking for the right products can be exhausting and yet when found, bring an elation untouched by any other brand or formula.

Premium hair care brand Living Proof solves beauty challenges with science originating from MIT, providing customers with results you can see from across the room. But with a lean ecommerce team, Living Proof sought help to build an integrated technology stack to streamline the processes behind a seamless customer journey, from acquisition to fulfillment.

Many shoppers first discover new hair products through third-party retail channels. Knowing this, Merkle collaborated with Living Proof to bolster the brand’s owned channels to better collect and leverage data from its customers.


Merkle became an extension of the Living Proof ecommerce team, communicating directly via Slack, collaborating in real-time, and proactively monitoring the website for issues and areas to improve. Living Proof’s site was built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, providing opportunities for the brand to activate tactics and tools for increasing website traffic and collecting customer data to enhance the experience.

Living Proof implemented several influencer campaigns to gather customer data in which it didn’t previously have access. As its commerce technology partner, Merkle searched for an advanced ecommerce marketing platform that could enable Living Proof to leverage powerful customer content and data to use to drive trust and build connections. That’s when the agency found Yotpo.

Yotpo offers brands the ability to accelerate growth with customer ratings, reviews, and referrals through direct integration with Commerce Cloud. This integration provides brands with custom content generation and distribution, as well as increased analytics tools to understand customer feedback at scale and turn it into actionable insights.

Through this partnership, Living Proof leverages Yotpo-powered reviews in both paid and organic search, giving the brand deeper insight into customers’ desires and preferences. In addition to significantly decreasing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates on-site, this valuable social proof forges a better connection with customers and creates a more authentic, personalized brand experience throughout the buyer journey.

Living Proof’s integrated tech stack within Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s dependable and extensive ecosystem has created the perfect environment for the brand to thrive. Working seamlessly together to drive more traffic to the site, boost conversion, and collect post-purchase consumer data, Merkle and Yotpo was the combination to maximize Living Proof’s scalability.



reviews collected in six months


increase in average time spent on the site


Conversion rates have nearly doubled since adding more data-driven solutions to its tech stack

Keys to success

  • Leveraging extensive Salesforce Commerce Cloud expertise to design an integrated tech stack within the platform.
  • Utilizing Yotpo to launch customer reviews, including in paid and organic search.
  • Increasing Living Proof’s analytics tools to better understand customer feedback at scale and turn that feedback into actionable insights

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