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Carbon2Cobalt achieves significantly higher open and conversion rates


Carbon2Cobalt (C2C) is known for its effortlessly cool clothing, footwear, and accessories. Though C2C’s email marketing program was experiencing rapid growth, the team realized they were missing out on a valuable opportunity to personalize email content. As a brand that focuses on details to enhance each customer’s personal style, personalized email marketing emerged as an priority.

C2C knew that the key to personalizing email was through website visitor identification so that a customer’s interests could be captured as they shop. They needed the technology infrastructure to power this capability.


C2C partnered with Merkle to implement triggered email with dynamic personalized content based on demonstrated customer interests. With the website visitor identification and data capture capabilities in place, the team was able to quickly demonstrate outstanding results.  Dynamic product recommendations and offers were incorporated using LiveContent™, a Merkle proprietary service. This now makes it possible to further personalize marketing efforts that strengthen customer loyalty and expand profitable growth.

“ We’ve always been satisfied with the unique blend of strategic guidance and analytics that optimized our return on direct mail investment. Our close partnership with Merkle has been a hallmark of our success since inception, and we rely on this partnership for continued profitable long-term growth.”

Bill Cuttler

C2C’s CFO and COO.



triggered email program launched in the fall of 2017, immediately achieving significantly higher open and conversion rates than their regular email program.

Keys to success

  • Merkle’s ease of integration with C2C’s existing email service provider (ESP) allowed for rapid launch
  • Collaboration with IT through initial implementation and ongoing support
  • Close C2C and Merkle partnership and trust from inception

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