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Dossier: Volume 2.1, 2011

Trending Now: E-Commerce and SEO, Marketing on Facebook, Why Cheap Hotels Aren’t Cheap, Breaking Down the Google Search Results Page, The Four Principles of Highly Persuasive Websites, Bringing Them Back: A Primer on Retargeting, Structuring a Sound Online Marketing RFP.
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Dossier: Volume 1.2 2010

Google Bid Simulator and Broad Match Modifiers, 5 PPC Lessons for the Holidays, Mobile: A Work Still Very Much in Progress, Multichannel Attribution: The Results are in, What it Takes to be an RKG Analyst.
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Dossier: Volume 1.1, 2010

Bing-Yahoo! What does it Mean?, What Travel Can Learn From Retail, The Multichannel Attribution Management Solution, What’s Hot: Mobile.
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Detecting Significant Changes In Your Data

Sometimes it's tempting to leap to conclusions in paid search. In this cautionary post, we'll provide a tool for testing whether data has changed meaningfully, or whether you're looking at statistical noise.
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Correcting the History of Search Engine Optimization

Does the history of search engine optimization (SEO) even matter? I believe it does. In an industry that suffers from lack of structure and standardization, having a fuzzy history only turns the blinds another notch dimmer.
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Demand channel vs. Transaction Channel

If you're not tracking key customer metrics by both demand channel and transaction channel, make that analysis a priority for this month. It will spark ideas and reveal possible opportunities.