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Engage customers better with deep behavioral insight

Delivering the best experience requires a deep understanding of each customer across many different dimensions. Not just who they are, but what they feel, what steps in the journey they’ve taken, and which steps they’ll take next. Customer analytics is the key to engaging target customers, reducing customer churn, deepening customer loyalty, growing lifetime value, and expanding revenue through new sales. It’s about identifying the right people to connect with, driving personalized experiences, and optimizing marketing investments and resources to continually improve marketing performance.

Merkle helps marketers by integrating their enterprise and customer data, and performing advanced analytics and data science to tackle critical marketing objectives. We employ segmentation and sophisticated models to identify and group similar customers to create personalized future journey and experience strategies. We forecast their future behavior using predictive analytics, a sophisticated combination of data, analysis, modeling, machine learning and AI. We determine identity and create addressability within your customer data and ultimately prepare customer data for activation across campaigns, channels, and media. Attribution analyses inform us about what works, enabling us to measure success, identify improvements, and optimize spend.

Our Clients

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