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Cheryl Sansonetti

Marketing & Digital Media Director

Cheryl Sansonetti, Marketing Senior Director at Merkle, is responsible for leading the agency’s performance media and experience marketing. Cheryl and her team drive marketing strategy, digital media and thought leadership, ensuring awareness of Merkle’s offerings and the thinking of Merkle’s experts gets translated into content and activities that benefit client-side marketers. Prior to Merkle, Cheryl led marketing for 5th Finger, a mobile focused experience agency that was acquired by Merkle in 2012.

Cheryl's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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What Disruption Sounds Like

As leading media minds bustled into Google’s NYC Chelsea Tech Talk room on October 19th, a shared question weighed on everyone’s mind, “How do I adapt and excel as the world around me is changing?” Executives in the room represented ABC, AT&T, Comcast, A&E, Verizon, Lionsgate, amongst others.
Topics: Media
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7 Strategies for Driving TV Tune-in

TV networks are facing both a challenge and an opportunity brought about by a wealth of must-watch quality content and viewer's unprecedented freedom of which device and channel to view their favorite show.
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Understanding the Consumer Purchase Decision

Marketing strategies require more than just demographic and purchase behavior data to build effective messaging. A deep understanding of what drives a consumer decision is required. Within any customer decision is a core motivational element that must be identified early in the creative process.
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Anatomy of an Identity

An identity can be placed on a continuum where one end is the anonymous state and the other end is the known state. In the anonymous state, identity is defined by cookie, device ID, or other digital identity marker. Most of these fall into the category of personally identifiable information.