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Alexis Sanders

SEO Director, Merkle
Alexis Sanders

Alexis Sanders is an SEO Director at Merkle. She works with a team of SEOs to ensure the accuracy, feasibility and scalability of technical, content, and strategic SEO recommendations for clients across multiple industries. She is a contributor to the Moz blog, Search Engine Land, OnCrawl, and TechnicalSEO.com, creator of the TechnicalSEO.expert and technicalseo.guru challenge. Lately, she’s been working on building her CS chops and spray painting large canvases.

Alexis has spoken at over 20 different conferences, including: SMX (East, West, Advanced), Mozcon, SEJSummit, Engage, FoundConf, SearchLove. Check out content on: https://technicalseo.com/insights/presentations/

Check out Alexis' course focused on Building SEO Strategies on skillshare.


Alexis's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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2019 in search: Find your seamlessness

Companies should focus on working seamlessly across all channels, consolidating recurring tasks, leveraging data and instilling credibility in all aspects.
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Ask the SMXpert: SEO markup and structured data

Looking for insights into newer markup options and advanced structured data? Alexis Sanders shares additional pointers to help you refine, update and optimize your content.
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A Machine Learning Guide for Average Humans

Machine learning (ML) has grown consistently in worldwide prevalence. Its implications have stretched from small, seemingly inconsequential victories to groundbreaking discoveries.
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Troubleshooting Data Fluctuations in SEO Reporting

Spikes in any metric come with questions. Questions which you, as an SEO expert, need to have answers for (most likely before 9:30am, when your boss looks at the report). Time to put on your detective cap and follow our recommended checklist to troubleshoot your data fluctuations.
Topics: SEO