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Frank Lee

Senior Director - Analytics
Frank Lee

Frank’s work with Merkle’s Analytics team has focused on designing, implementing and optimizing world-class digital experiences for global clients. His background includes technology consulting engagements to architect solutions that incorporate all aspects of the martech stack, with particular emphasis on maintaining data integrity and scalability. Frank’s enthusiasm for data has been a driving force throughout his career, which spans the past two decades.

Frank's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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Experience Through the Eyes of CRM

It’s fair to say that CRM is all about delivering the ”best” experiences possible to any given customer at any given moment. To do this, CRM strategists must see the customer experience through three different, (yet connected) sets of eyes.
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Customer Experience: A Key Brand Differentiator

TJ Claridge, Senior Manager for Analytics at Merkle, and Frank Lee, Senior Director Analytics at Merkle, discuss how customer trust is a competitive advantage, how to reveal a maturity map to see where your company fits in this process, and how a team should be structured for success so that the experience is
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What is the Real ROI of Attribution?

With the advent of digital marketing and machine-based learning, technology has revived the hopes of marketers in their ability to quantify the value they and their campaigns bring back to the business.