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Eve Smith

Senior Director, Client Strategy | Nonprofit, Merkle
Eve Smith, Senior Director, Client Strategy | Nonprofit, Merkle

Eve Smith is an experienced fundraiser with 20+ years of direct response marketing and consulting expertise. Eve brings extensive knowledge and practice to Merkle’s nonprofit clients including integrated strategy, omni-channel fundraising and marketing, constituent-centered program transformation, and organizational change consulting. She specializes in scaling up already-successful fundraising programs to raise more funds, and crafting new programs that leverage audience-based strategies to bring in new revenue. At Merkle, Eve has provided strategic, solution-driven insights and guidance to clients including major national health charities, international relief and faith-based organizations, and youth and social service nonprofits, among others. Before joining Merkle, Eve was lead consultant to national cause-based charities, foundations, arts and culture organizations and public media to transform their online marketing and fundraising programs. Eve is recipient of the Merkle “Ground Breaker” Award (May 2022) for “outstanding contribution through deep, unexpected, and genuinely original customer insights.”

Eve's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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Recharge Donor Giving through Gamification

Gamification is one way to motivate donor engagement. We can help you create a solution that fits your organization and your donors and start recapturing lost revenue.
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Preparing Your Donor Strategy for the Unexpected

The COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise. But those nonprofits that had an emergency response marketing plan in place have been able to navigate these uncharted waters more effectively than other organizations.
Topics: Nonprofit
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How Nonprofits Can Thrive in the New Normal

The way your nonprofit adapts to the massive shifts caused by COVID-19 will have a profound impact on your long-term success. Nonprofit fundraisers and marketers must embrace two simple truths in the normal:
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Are You Ready for the Next-Generation Donors?

Many nonprofit charities are starting to see changes in the donor composition of their fundraising programs. This is due in large part to the huge generational shifts occurring in the U.S. population today.
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Donor-Centric Fundraising

Join us to learn how Merkle helps organizations build integrated programs that focus on improving the donor experience across channels and programs while maximizing donor value.
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