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Evan Nicholson

VP, Growth Architect, Merkle
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Evan is a VP, Growth Architect at Merkle where he helps clients put data and insights into action across technologies to create better performing, more relevant web and mobile experiences. He works with enterprise brands across industries including Health, Finance, Automotive, Entertainment. and Retail to define and run people-centric experiences that have a measurable impact for the business and their customers through technology and data. 

Evan's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Articles We suggest...

Better Customer Experiences Make a Bigger Impact Than You Might Think

What is a great customer experience worth? As a marketer, you intuitively know that you make an impact on our brand’s value proposition. But it can be hard to quantify exactly how the experience impacts other factors, such as how much customers are willing to pay and how they perceive quality.
Webinars We suggest...

Planning for a New Reality: Marketing Strategies for Insurance and Wealth Management

Like it or not, the marketplace that insurance and wealth management marketers operate in is fundamentally altered. The COVID-19 crisis has forced consumers into a heightened digital world, so their expectations are higher than before.
Blog We suggest...

Why Creative is Essential in Personalization

We all know great creative when we see it; the power of cultural meaning through a universal truth that is also personally relevant. I love that moment, the “aha” — when a brand’s proposition and its story are in sync.