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Nonprofit Executive Exchange

October 13 - Hotel Colee, Atlanta GA


Nonprofit Exchange Header


Navigating the New Age of Donor Experience

In today’s market, donors have more choices than ever. To stay competitive, nonprofits must evolve to meet a new level of expectation, providing the exceptional, relevant experiences that donors demand. This begins with evaluating your Customer Experience (CX) strategy, making sure your team is curating personalized and pertinent experiences. On top of that, with the donor base aging, market leaders need to know how to appeal to the younger, more tech savvy generation and inspire them to join the organization's mission. 
To further overcome the disconnect between nonprofits and its constituents, organizations must build a customer journey with informed decisions. Since fundraising is no longer just a numbers game, constructing relevant experiences secures longevity and engagement.
Merkle’s Nonprofit Executive Exchange is bringing together some of the best, most recognizable brands in the nonprofit industry. They'll discuss how to build successful tech roadmaps and experience solutions and how to use these to implement winning practices, helping organizations thrive and grow with the changing consumer and economy.



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Attendees will learn:

  • What is needed to build a next-generation connected experience that drives real relevance and connection for donors, members, and other constituents.
  • How to lead an organization to embrace a constituent-first approach for improved financial outcomes and better mission impact.
  • Strategies from your peers that can help you deliver the best nonprofit and constituent experiences.