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The Bridge Conference

July 14 - 15 | Virtual

Event Details

This year's The Bridge Conference will focus on the latest strategies, techniques and innovations in direct response and major donor fundraising. With two keynote sessions and over 60 breakout sessions, attendees will hear from thought leaders on industry trends, case studies, and best practices to implement in their own organizations.

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Our Sessions

Location: Virtual
Date/Time: 1:30pm, July 15

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic many nonprofit organizations struggled to find a path forward for their fundraising programs. Some chose to halt everything, while others accelerated some of their programs. History has shown that groups that held their nerve and maintained some level of engagement through previous disasters fared well. And recent data is showing that the same is true during the COVID-19 pandemic as well.

This session will explore how we react to challenges, both as individuals and professionally and share advice on how to train ourselves to respond better to crises in the future. We’ll look at how Habitat for Humanity navigated the pandemic to deliver one of our most successful online campaigns, and what internal considerations had to be made during an uncertain time with little precedent.

Attendees will take away an understanding of how to prepare for a crisis, how to be in market while not being tone deaf, and how to make the case internally to keep moving forward.


Rick Gentry

Director, Customer Strategy

Vernicia Respres

Director, Digital Fundraising, Habitat for Humanity International