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The Hybrid Services Model: Why forward-thinking CMOs are taking a new approach to taking work in-house

Original Presentation Date

Jul 10, 2019

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic frameworks for resourcing your marketing work across FTEs, in-house partners and outside agencies
  • Top benefits and financial returns of applying the hybrid model to your in-housing
  • Client success stories from in-house partnerships and hybrid model applications
  • How to evaluate a qualified in-house partner

Detailed Overview

One of the most significant shifts in the business landscape over recent years has been the move to in-house marketing – bringing capabilities once outsourced to an agency (or a network of agencies) inside the organization. While in-housing can empower companies to act with greater speed, insight, agility and efficiency, it also brings its own set of significant challenges. The myriad organizational, business and operational hurdles can hobble many in-house agencies and keep others from living up to their full potential.

Forward-thinking marketing leaders are taking a more nuanced approach to their in-housing strategy, working with in-housing partners – specialized firms who leverage their experience, insights, and resources to build in-house agency solutions custom-fit to a client’s needs – alongside their own FTEs and outside agencies.

In this webinar, Filter CEO Joe Melanson takes a closer look at this hybrid services model and the benefits and potential ROI for companies considering taking marketing capabilities in-house. He will also discuss how to get started and work with an in-house partner, share insights from real-world examples, and answer questions from webinar audience members.

July 17th @ 2pm EST is the alternate date for this webinar. To register for that time slot instead, please register here.


Joe Melanson,

CEO, Filter, A Merkle Company