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Connecting Experiences for ABX Transformation (B2B Thought Leader Series)

Original Presentation Date

Sep 23, 2021

Key Takeaways

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Key components of an effective ABX strategy
  • How to master the new model and avoid common pitfalls
  • The value behind an ABX and how to get executive buy-in
  • Local considerations for deploying your ABX strategy, globally

Detailed Overview

Account-Based Experience (ABX) is all the rage nowadays – and for good reason. It’s a powerful strategy for new business generation, customer retention, and pipeline acceleration. While the idea of account-based marketing is not new, ABX represents the latest evolution in account-based targeting strategies aimed at identifying, communicating, and nurturing prospects with a propensity to purchase. It requires organizational alignment and the use of multiple channels in order to be effective. Companies now need to transform – not just change – the inner workings of their organizations to ensure marketers are working in unity with sales and other adjacent workstreams (creative, IT, data, digital) to provide the best possible experience from end to end for these critical accounts. Those in pursuit of ABX perfection will face their fair share of challenges. There is, however, a difference between striving for excellence (and continual improvement) and insisting on perfection. Starting is better than standing still.

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Caroline Caldwell

Director, B2B Strategy, Merkle B2B