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From Identification to Loyalty: How to Ensure a Successful Customer Journey

Key Takeaways

Join Merkle and Gigya for this webinar to learn how to create a seamless program enrollment process, build an enhanced view and segment in real-time, and how to enhance the dynamism of your loyalty program. 

In this webinar, our experts show you how to:

  • Create a seamless enrollment process: Enable one-click enrollment into your loyalty program, creating higher enrollment rates and a single customer profile augmented by social data and existing profile data.
  • Build an enhanced view and segment in real-time: Link customer profile and preference information with loyalty behaviors to create a complete view of your users.  Create segments against both data sets to personalize marketing campaigns and experiences within your websites and applications, and drive improved in-program participation and engagement rates.
  • Enhance the dynamism of your program: Customize your loyalty offering for each segment you define based on preferences, demographic data, and transactional behaviors.  Each user’s truly personalized loyalty experience ensures a higher member lifetime value and retention rate.

Detailed Overview

Are you challenged with identifying a truly comprehensive view of your customers in order to recognize the types of incentives, interactions, and products needed to deepen the relationship between your brand and your customer? Ideally, loyalty programs are a solution to collect and connect more member data (beyond transactions) to help you better understand your members. However, loyalty program engagement may be limited by a cumbersome enrollment process. Even post-enrollment, a program faces an innate difficulty to create incentives suitable for very different member segments. 

Through the partnership of Gigya (awarded the highest score in Identity and Access Management for B2C by Gartner, Inc.) and 500friends, a Merkle Company (awarded the highest score in Customer Loyalty Solutions by Forrester Research), the resulting joint solution has the ability to solve these challenges.


Zach Woith

VP Loyalty Strategy, 500friends, a Merkle Company

Craig Ferrara

Director, Identity Strategy Consulting, Gigya