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Crafting Highly Engaging Messaging with Data and Psychology

Key Takeaways

Merkle employed a Neuroanalytics approach that studied the psychological motivations of Exclusive Resorts' customer base. The findings helped isolate the real reason people wanted to take a luxury family vacation: spending time with their children and finding opportunities to shape their worldview.

These findings drove a new brand strategy that is differentiated in the marketplace and, most importantly, engages their customers on an emotional and motivational level.

Learn a new approach to discover what matters to your customers and how you can turn that insight into an actionable brand strategy. 

  • How to make a more impactful customer strategy by starting with customers
  • How to use data to optimize creative decisions
  • Why emotion and motivation will always drive customer decisions over logic

Detailed Overview

Companies often have more stories to tell than space to tell them. How can you determine what brand message will best differentiate your brand while resonating with your customer base? Exclusive Resorts faced this problem when too many disparate messages convoluted their brand story. They turned to Merkle for help.


Leigh Mehlman

Sr. Manager, Lifecycle Marketing & CRM, Exclusive Resorts

Ethan Hanson

Director, Research & Brand Strategy

Michael Adamson

Sr. Manager, Experience Strategy, Merkle