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How Advanced Analytics Can Optimize Loyalty Program Results

Original Presentation Date

Jan 28, 2016

Key Takeaways

Loyalty programs tie together all of a member’s transactions and include information from their social networks, reviews, preferences, employee interactions, and other program engagement activities. This source of data is enticing to brands wanting to optimize their program performance, but one needs to have a strong analytics team and an ability to utilize advanced analytics to build behavioral segmentation and predictive models, such as look-alike models based on high value members.

This webinar explores how to utilize data provided from a loyalty program and turn it into comprehensible reports and advanced analytics that will help you better target new high value customers, personalize offers to existing members and increase their LTV, and continue to iterate upon your program structure to improve results.

Detailed Overview

Join us for the on-demand webinar, “How Advanced Analytics Can Optimize Loyalty Program Results”, presented by Arif Damji, Sr. Director of Strategy & Development at 500friends, a Merkle Company, and Christopher Matz, VP Analytics, Retail & Consumer Goods at Merkle.

To best understand your loyalty program members, keep the program relevant to them, and ensure you maximize the profitability of each interaction, it is essential to track and understand their behaviors. For a customer, their traceable behavior consists mostly of a single transaction.


Arif Damji

Senior Director, Strategy & Development, 500friends, a Merkle Company

Christopher Matz

Vice President, Analytics, Retail