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7 Strategies For Driving TV Tune-in

Original Presentation Date

Oct 04, 2016

Key Takeaways

  • How to move from a brand marketing approach to a direct-response approach
  • Learn what it takes to create an individual level closed-loop marketing and measurement system across devices
  • How to get more out of tune-in campaigns and audience panels
  • Scale a tune-in campaign to a national audience with STB data

Detailed Overview

Gone are the days when TV Networks can rely solely on brand marketing campaigns. The golden age of television has not only brought about a wealth of must-watch quality content, but also unprecedented freedom of which device and channel is used to view a favorite show. Of course, these new found advantages don’t stop with the viewer. The golden age has brought about a multitude of opportunities for Networks to expand their viewership and build stronger bonds with their consumers, and as competition for eyes heats up, taking advantage of those opportunities is ever more critical. The challenge – Networks are now forced to drastically change how they market to their audience.

This webinar walks attendees through the challenges many TV networks have faced in adopting a direct-response approach to their tune-in campaigns, and describes the solutions now available for overcoming those obstacles. Learn the keys to a successful direct-response campaign across devices including how individual-level measurement, analysis, optimization and scale is achieved in the world of TV marketing.


Matt Naeger

Global Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, Merkle Americas

Andy Fisher

Head of Merkury Advanced TV, Merkle