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Religion Pillar

The Religion Pillar brings together a network of employees connected by their faith. We highlight and celebrate festivals from all religions, drawing people’s attention to those less mainstream or well-known. We want Merkle to be a place where anyone feels able to celebrate their religion in any way they choose.

Religion in the workplace

For many people, their faith is an integral part of who they are. And with work being somewhere you spend five days a week, it’s a place you should feel comfortable being your true self. At Merkle, we aim to embrace all religions, and strive to create an environment where nobody feels like they have to hide or water down their religious beliefs. We also seek to educate our whole workforce on what various religious festivals mean, and how they may need to support team members who follow certain religions, for instance, adjusted working hours for Muslims observing Ramadan. We believe religion and work shouldn’t need to be kept separate, and we celebrate both mainstream and niche religious festivals throughout each year.

A word from our pillar lead


Ryan Skeet headshot

Sanyan Raman

Senior Associate - Analytics

“Having the opportunity to lead the Religion Pillar has been a really fulfilling and enjoyable part of my role at Merkle. It’s been great to bring together a network of people all united in their faith, and to help educate religious, atheist and agnostic colleagues alike this topic.”


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