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SEO Training Courses

We have created a refined series of sessions delivered by our SEO seasoned experts. Our training programme will help you approach SEO in the best way for your business and assisting you in garnering exceptional results

Our approach to SEO is one that is long-term and as we constantly test new initiatives, integrate digital marketing across channels and utilise our leading strategic partners we aim to deliver increasingly positive results. 

Available SEO Training Courses

SEO 101 Training Course

A top-level overview of SEO, how search engines work and the most important considerations to increase SEO traffic.   

Learning Outcomes: 

  • An introduction into the evolution of the search landscape and how advertisers can reach highly engaged users. 

  • Understanding of how search engines work and how they have developed over time. 

  • A look in to the important considerations and areas of focus when wanting to grow SEO traffic to a website. 

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SEO Content Training

With an understanding of the language used by a target audience to search for information online, learn how to optimise content assets to increase traffic and awareness from the Search Engine Results Pages. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Techniques to help identify and prioritise the content that would benefit from additional optimisation. 

  • Understand the key content elements to optimise in order to support increased relevancy and drive greater SEO traffic. 

  • Meta data is one of the key content fields that can target a large variation of relevant keywords. Understand how to maximise this opportunity.  

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International SEO Training Course

Become familiar with how to optimise your web experiences when operating an international business across multiple markets and languages 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Looking at the search market share by country / region and insights in to how to adapt an SEO strategy to cater for specific search engines.  

  • Key considerations for the technical set up of a website to support increased visibility on a global scale. 

  • Understand how content marketing can be applied on a global scale. 

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Keyword Research Training Course

A detailed look at the process for identifying relevant keywords and keyword groups which could increase traffic from a target audience.  

 Learning Outcomes: 

  • A look in to why keyword research is important when looking to drive website traffic from your target audience. 

  • The methods used to gather data on keywords and keyword groups (free and paid-for tools and applications).

  • Using keyword research data to inform new and existing website content. 

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Local SEO Training Course

Learn how to optimise your website and digital presence to take advantage of local search opportunities 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • A look in to the structured layout for local based search queries.

  • Understanding what factors can support increased visibility for queries which have a local intent. 

  • How to optimise your website and overall digital presence to increase awareness from users searching with local intent. 

  • The ins and outs of Google My Business and Bing Places. 

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Mobile SEO Training Course

This training will help you learn why mobile SEO is so pivotal to your overall success in search 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand the importance of mobile and the impact it has had on the web and SEO. 

  • What makes mobile unique and what to be aware of when building a mobile strategy. 

  • Techniques and case studies on the methodology of mobile experience optimisation, focused on driving SEO growth from users on a mobile device. 

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