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Analytics Training Courses

Whichever analytics tool your business uses, the aim is that each team leaves our training course with a wealth of knowledge on the performance of their digital content or marketing. 

Our trainers are experts in their field and hold a genuine enthusiasm for web analytics, optimisation, attribution as a discipline. From universities and government institutions, to small online stores and big global brands, we're well versed in building and taking courses for every type of organisation. 

Available Analytics Training Courses

Analytics 101 Training Course

The use of data and analytics in industry-leading organisations is advancing every day. From optimising the user experience to enabling data-driven marketing and informing business decisions, find out why data is so valuable and why we need a strategy to make the most of it. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Defining strategies and KPIs.

  • Optimising the online user experience.

  • Optimising marketing.

  • Tools, data infrastructure & analytics maturity.

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Adobe Analytics Training Course

Learn about the key capabilities of Adobe Analytics and how to find your way around the platform. Give your team the skills they require to get started with Adobe Analytics, understand how it works and how to use the interface to uncover actionable business insights. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Discover some of the key features of Adobe Analytics and why people choose it as an analytics platform. 

  • Explore the building blocks of Adobe Analytics data, and how these can be customised. 

  • Delve into the reporting capabilities of Adobe Analytics and activation across the Experience Cloud. 

  • Build simple visualisations in the Analysis Workspace interface. 

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Google Analytics Training Course 

Discover how your organisation can utilise Google Analytics to bring data to the heart of decision-making.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understanding hit types, data types, data scopes and navigating the interface. 

  • Measuring acquisition and conversion, from campaign tagging to goals and e-commerce. 

  • Unpicking channel performance using attribution models, insights and reporting.

  • Account configuration and data accuracy.   

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Google Big Query Training Course

BigQuery is a Google tool that unlocks your Google Analytics data into its raw and unaggregated form. This allows for more detailed analysis and is often the first step in creating sophisticated audience or CRO strategies. This session is ideal for beginners to SQL and people looking to enhance or refresh their abilities. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Delve deeper into Google Cloud Platform and understand where BigQuery sits. 

  • Understand how BigQuery works, why it is useful and what products are available. 

  • Unpick how SQL works and what the data looks like. 

  • Begin to explore attribution, user journeys, modelling and dashboarding opportunities. 

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Google Data Studio Training Course

Take your reporting to the next level by using Google Data Studio to create custom, dynamic dashboards. Make the most of the tool, from the basics to advanced tips and tricks. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand how Data Studio works and how to pipe data to your dashboards.  

  • Learn more about the custom visualisations available and how to build your own custom fields based on pre-existing data. 

  • Learn how to best utilise the data blending feature in Data Studio to enrich the story your dashboard is trying to tell. 

  • Learn best practices around usability to allow your reports to be as accessible as possible for your stakeholders. 

  • Learn some helpful shortcuts and visualisation tips from trainers who have hundreds of hours of experience with the tool. 

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Google Tag Manager Training Course

Google Tag Manager can introduce a whole new level of flexibility, speed, and process to the way tags are handled and deployed. Whether you've only just started using the tool, or want to iron out some best practices, this session will run you through the core concepts and workflows you need to know to use the tool with confidence. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand why a tag management system is needed, and how the workflow looks. 

  • Identify what is needed for installation and how to activate debug mode. 

  • Configure and fire a Page View and Click Event tag. 

  • Set up custom dimensions and cross domain tracking. 

  • Understand the technical details of triggering through data layer variables. 

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