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Creative Training Courses

We understand that sometimes clients want to in-house creative (or just want to become more savvy), and we need to be there to support them regardless of organisation size or complexity. 

Our team comprises of creative designers, technical designers, copywriters, video producers & creative technology specialists, all trained to deliver effective training in their specialist areas. We have already successfully trained clients on performance creative through to dynamic creative, from small through to large clients.

We look forward to supporting your digital creative maturity.

Available Creative Training Courses

Creative 101 Training Course

This session will introduce attendees to the importance of creative in marketing. Attendees will also get to grips with the concepts of experiential creative and performance creative.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand how creative has been influenced by digital channels, and has become measurable. 

  • Understand and describe the importance of creative in your customer's perception of you in driving consumer experience (CX). 

  • Ability to describe performance creative and experiential creative principles. 

  • Understand that the success of any campaign, including creative, comes down to integration between teams across media & strategy. 

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Display: Dynamic Creative Training Course

Dynamic creative (DCO) is a key asset for personalisation and creative testing within Programmatic. In this session your designers and/or developers will learn how to build and manage dynamic creative in-house, using any DCO tool of choice. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Trainees can explain the difference between Google Sheet and XML feeds

  • Trainees understand how to build a dynamic template in Google Web Designer, and explain the template requirements. 

  • Trainees can set up a Google Sheet feed, ingest this into Studio, and successfully bind templates to the feed. 

  • Trainees can successfully QA and test dynamic templates and feeds in Studio. 

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Display: HTML Creative Build (Google Web Designer & Studio) Training Course

Learn how to build HTML creatives using Google Web Designer (GWD) and Studio. This session is suited to designers or animators, and is appropriate for brands running Display across any targeting. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Trainees are confident using GWD to build a basic animated ad using the simple timeline and adding their own assets.

  • Trainees are confident in using the advanced animation timeline and adding components into their ads. 

  • Trainees understand the need for events and exits, adding and using them with confidence. 

  • Trainees can publish creatives from GWD to Studio, ready for trafficking. 

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