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Total Search

The mantra is simple: be there for your customers in a manner which drives results for your brand. Merkle is experienced in helping brands understand and realise their market opportunity in the most effective manner through paid and organic search.

Total Search is the process of ensuring paid, organic, and Shopping activities work more successfully together. It is a virtuous cycle of data unification, insight discovery, and search delivery which helps brands craft better experiences for their customers through search.

Paid and organic search specialists too often attempt to achieve the same outcome, separately. Brands must not conceive these disciplines as disparate activities; they are mutually beneficial tactics deployed to realise the same strategic goals. Our work delivers more effective, efficient, and intelligent search campaigns.

We cannot say how your brand’s SEO and PPC functions should work together; but we are equipped and determined to help you find out.


120 +
Paid and organic search specialists in the UK
20 +
brands in 2020 conducted Total Search work
7 +
Proprietary Total Search tools and reports
10 +
Bespoke data solutions built for clients

Why it's important

Considering how audiences experience brands through search is vital for success. Brands cannot afford to be invisible when a valuable user searches for a relevant search term. Searchers claim no allegiance to paid listings over organic listings, they simply want to achieve their task.

Total Search helps brands see beyond isolated metrics such as “CPC” or “organic clicks”. Merkle’s proprietary, custom tooling empowers brands to see their combined search performance, and optimise towards this collaboratively. This enables our partners to grow their search of search for more valuable search terms.

Attract, retain, engage, convert, repeat. And do so efficiently.

What makes us different

Merkle approach the collaboration between SEO & PPC differently. We place data analytics at the centre of everything. This gives our partners and our activation teams a unique, broader point of view to aid decisioning.

Using a proprietary Total Search maturity framework, our teams are experienced in helping brands deliver more connected customer experiences through search. This stems from a firm belief in the value of search as a media channel, a touchpoint, and a rich repository of business and market information.

How we work with clients

We work with clients using an agile model. This allows our partners to benefit from a broad range of skillsets across technical SEO, feeds management, scripting, content, and paid search platform expertise.

Our 'Unify, Discover, Deliver' model ensures that each brand’s Total Search approach is bespoke to what makes sense strategically. Developing custom KPIs, undertaking Total Search training, and upskilling teams to ensure that every partner extracts the maximum value from their partnership with us.

Combining strategy, reporting, and communications activities ensures greater alignment and greater efficiency.

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